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BKK - Siren (Offset) Worm Hooks
BKK - Siren (Offset) Worm Hooks
BKK - Siren (Offset) Worm Hooks
BKK - Siren (Offset) Worm Hooks

BKK - Siren (Offset) Worm Hooks

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Featuring a unique offset bend that locks soft plastics in place over numerous fish catches, the BKK Siren Worm Hooks are designed specifically for Texas-rigging a wide variety of worm baits including curly tails, stick baits, and straight tail worms. Forged and tempered to optimize strength with a high carbon steel construction, the Siren Worm hooks utilize a round bend that ensures adequate hook gap and positive hook-up ratios even when using bulkier profile worm baits.

Coated with BKK’s proprietary Super Slide (SS) finish to deliver lightning-fast hook penetration, the needle-sharp hook point ensures excellent penetration performance and smooth hook-ups by decreasing piercing resistance. Ideal for rigging baits with a long and slim profile, the BKK Siren Worm Hooks feature a medium-wire construction that is suitable for pairing with all-purpose fishing gear and medium-power fishing lines.

Size Quantity
2/0 6
3/0 6
4/0 6
5/0 5